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Considerations for Health Care Organization Mergers

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Hi I'm stuck on these questions
Iâ??m a middle manager in a health care organization that has merged with a previous competitor.
Employees see this competitor in the past as the enemy that provided poor quality of care.
In a good note that company has in place several inpatient and outpatient services that your organization does not.

1) What impact will the sale have on the culture of the new combined organization?
2) As a middle manager, what can you do to ensure that the combined staff will work together to provide quality care without taking on a competitive stance?
3) Describe what the organization will look like, in terms of systems and shape. This question has me completely stumped please provide examplesâ?¦..
Thanks a bunch

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1. While the culture often takes on that of the organization that purchases another, there are many processes in place that may not allow for complete assimilation of the employees of the sold company, into that of the purchasing company. There are services that the sold company provides that the purchasing company does not have and may be unfamiliar with. Within such services are professionals and departments that may have their ...

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The solution addresses issues that a health care organization faces, in acquiring another organization. The solution focuses on changing attitudes and behaviors of health care staff.

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