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Adventist Health System

Choose a healthcare organization with which you are familiar and that you will be following closely this session. This should be an organization about which you can obtain financial information. In the case you are unable to access the financial information of your organization you may use the financial information from the Adventist Health System. The annual financial reports are readily available at the following website:
(You should copy this web address into your browser)

?Write a 3-4 page paper addressing the following questions:
1. Discuss some general financial information about your organization. Specifically discuss the size, revenue, expenses, assets and liabilities of the organization.
2. Discuss risk contracting arrangements within your organization. Explain the differences between a risk contract and a non-risk contract?
3. Outline some considerations that an organization must address when negotiating a risk contract.
4. Describe ways to reduce the financial risks involved in a risk contracting.

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Introduction about Adventist Health System

In the United States, Adventist Health System is considered as the largest not-for-profit healthcare organization. The Adventist was launched in Battle Creek, Michigan, in 1973. Adventist maintains its heritage by offering quality care. This healthcare system has various purposes apart from disease treatment. The system makes people aware about how to prevent diseases by providing good nutrition, exercise and sanitation (Adventist Health System, 2009).

In this system, all the patients are valued as a creation of God. In this way, this system provides healthy healing environment to them. The caregivers of the healthcare system also provide extraordinary patient care to all the patients. The Adventist Health System operates more than 500 health care systems all over the world. These systems aim to provide total physical, mental and spiritual wholeness to the people. There are about forty thousand caregivers in these healthcare systems, which provide the healthcare services to more than four hundred million people every year.

The system mainly focus on community wellness, quality and service excellence, high ethical standards, compassion and cultural diversity and several other benefits by providing Christian Mission. The Adventist health system operates all its activities in an effective manner in order to attain the pre-stated vision of the organization by the year 2010 that covers Integrated Technology, Capital Capacity & Demand, Physician Integration, Creating Health, Quality & Safety, Financial Metrics, etc (Adventist Health System, 2009).

Financial Information

The annual report -2008 reflects that the ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 989 Words, APA References