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Information Ecology

Locate a peer reviewed article on information ecology. Summarize the main points of the author and why you believe it impacts the future of organizations.

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The following will help you better understand information ecology and its many ways it helps organizations.

The article that I chose on this subject is Information Ecology and Knowledge

Management: Toward Knowledge Ecology, for Hyperturbulent Organizational Environments by Dr. Yogesh Malhotra (2002).

Dr. Malhotra is world renowned in this field and his writings discuss all areas of Information Ecology and Knowledge Management and how these two factors are crucial to decision making. Dr. Malhotra strengthens his work by quoting others for generations past and brings their views to the current time.

This is an excellent article on the subject as it discusses the traditional view of organizational systems. "The information ecology is an organization's information environment and consists of the numerous interacting and ...

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The solution discusses the main points of an Information Ecology article