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    Deep ecology and ecological ethics defined.

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    Define deep ecology or ecological ethics.

    What are the consequences of taking an ecological ethic seriously?

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    Define deep ecology or ecological ethics????

    Deep ecology is a philosophical worldview that assigns worth to beings aside from their utility to the human race or the planet. Deep ecology while recognizing the benefits of the environment to the human race goes beyond this point in their philosophy. The core value or belief of deep ecology is that not only is the environment beneficial to humans, indeed the living environment as a whole has the same rights to life and prosperity as people do. In other words a maple tree, a crab, a mosquito a cow and I all have identical rights to life and prosperity.


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    This is a brief discussion defining ecological ethics as well as commentary regarding whether taking ecological ethics seriously is helpful or harmful for society. Over 450 words of original text along with links to informative websites for further research.