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    Contrasting the Principles of Deep Ecology to Shallow Ecology

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    Please explain what is Deep Ecology? What are its principles? Are the aspirations of Deep Ecologists achievable?

    What are the similarities and differences between shallow and Deep Ecological movements?

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    Deep ecology stresses the importance of living in complete harmony with nature and the necessity of stopping the destruction of habitat and the extinction of endangered species. Human society as it currently exists is incompatible with nature's laws. Any means necessary to bring about a radical restructuring of man's relationship to the environment is justified because nature is intrinsically valuable, and is not merely here to serve man's needs. Humans inherently tend to wreak destruction, regardless of the structure of their societies, and so the best means of preserving the earth is dramatic population reduction.

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    This solution provides a definition of social and deep ecology and a brief explanation of the differences in principles and aspirations. The explanation is given in 402 words.