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    Ethics of Environmental Thought

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    Describe the various ethical approaches to the environment by listing the time period the theory was developed, the person(s) responsible for it, its major tenets, and an example of how the theory is used in the space provided.

    Biocentric Ethics
    Ecocentric Ethics
    Deep Ecology

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    Biocentric Ethics was developed by Albert Schweitzer in his book The Philosophy of Civilization which was published in 1923. He was known for building hospitals in Africa to provide medical care to people who could not afford it otherwise. His book focuses on the failures of other philosophies, and how a meanful philosophy can only occur when we give reverene to life. An exerpt from his book can be seen here: http://www1.chapman.edu/schweitzer/sch.reading1.html
    He felt that all living things have intrinsic moral value, and that life should therefore be revered, even on the microscopic level. Using his ideas, we would only use antibiotics to save life, not for larger livestock as we do now.

    Primary founder of ecocentric ethics was Aldo Leopold. It ...

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    This solution explores the ethical principles of founders of environmentalism in biocentric ethics, ecocentric ethics and deep ecology. All refe