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    Environmental Ethics Overview

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    The three primary course goals reflected in Portfolio will be:

    Analytical skill building: Improving your critical reading, writing, and thinking skills.
    Knowledge acquisition: Mastering knowledge of central concepts, ideas, and perspectives of the humanities. A summary of major ethical theories should be included in this section as part of knowledge acquired.
    Practical application: Learning how to connect course material to issues you care deeply about and thoughtfully applying course material to your own life goals, decisions, and practices.

    Portfolio will also require you to reflect Ethics goals, including your evaluation of the effectiveness of your work habits, your reflections on any difficulties that you faced, and any special challenges that you overcame.

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    Concerns in Environmental Ethics

    Ethical Theories Summary

    There are a number of ethical theories that are prominently used in environmental ethics study. According to Gillaspy (2015), "Environmental ethics is the philosophical discipline that considers the moral and ethical relationship of human beings to the environment." Of the applicable theories, the following are almost utilised:

    1. Consequentialism/Teleological ethics - the consequences or results of an action gives weight to the choice i.e. Utilitarianism (result is the best possible choice for all)
    2. Deontological - the rules or morality behind an action is what gives weight to the choice - i.e. Kantianism (people acting out of duty)
    3. Virtue ethics - the rules of morality is driven by the virtues and beliefs of an individual or a group which is considered to be their demarcation of morality (i.e. the virtue of being just, prudent, courageous and tempered)

    Life Goals & Practices

    The environment, our world is both nature ...

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