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Ethical Issues

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(A) Define environmental science and environmental ethics. Examine the relationships between them.

(B) Discuss the benefits of using scientific method. Do you think there are dangers of not using the scientific method? Explain, please.

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//The question includes the topics related to environmental ethics and environmental science. The terms can be made clear by describing them individually. We need to focus upon both the terms one by one. Afterwards we would bring out the relationship between these two to show the compatibility between them. //

The Environmental Science is the study which establishes and expresses the relationship, of human interactions with the environment. In terms of Biology, Environmental Science explains the relationship between the organisms and the environment. Environmental Science undertakes the study of connections among the physical, chemical and the biological components. This branch of science works upon the interdisciplinary approach as it intersects the categories of science that is the natural, social and engineering sciences. In context with the nature, an environmental science concentrates upon the aspects of pollution and the degradation of environment related to human activities and their influence upon biodiversity and sustainability. In environmental science, physics plays the role of understanding the fluctuation of material and energy transaction and to erect the mathematical models of environmental phenomena. Chemistry expresses the molecular interactions amongst the natural systems and Biology is a fundamental to describe the affects within the plants and animal ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 865 words with references.

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