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    Memo to Company about Environmental Ethics

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    A public company is changing its mission and business entity to be a for-profit benefit corporation that is required to show social and environment benefits besides a profit. But so far, the company has not altered their actions and policies with regards to enormous environmental waste being generated.

    You are an external customer who supply this company. The name of the company is Haegon and my company's name is Dot Taneils.

    Compose a memo 200 words to the CEO regarding your reaction to the changes and the ethical consideration.

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    I thought it might make sense not to argue with him or point fingers, and offer help rather than fight. Here is my very rough draft to help guide you:

    Dear So and So,

    I was excited to hear that you were changing Haegon's mission and becoming a benefit corporation. This is an admirable course to pursue. However, as a ...

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    This solution provides help in creating a memo to a company that has decided to become more socially and environmentally responsible but has yet to take action. Includes a rough draft of memo.