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    A memo regarding ethical practices

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    You are writing this memo for a corporate executive who, faced with resolving the central ethical issue, seeks your input. You are preparing this memo to provide her with information and analysis she needs to make the decision on how to deal with the ethical concerns raised. The ethical concern is that the company has been accused of using water in their products that contain pesticides that have life threatening side effects. The method of the accusers testing is in question.

    1. Explain all significant facts of the case.

    2. State the single most important ethical issue raised in the facts of the case study.

    3. Suggest three alternative resolutions of the ethical issue, and explain why you think one of them is the best. That is, fully and persuasively justify your choice. In your discussion, be sure to reference how the alternative will affect the various corporate stakeholders.

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    1. Significant facts: An accusation has been made against the company claiming that the water used in the products manufactured is toxic. It is also claimed that the water has life threatening side effects. There has been no definitive evidence as to the means of testing to determine water quality, and no evidence presented to indicate that any means of testing the water was properly conducted.

    2. The single most important ethical issue is if the company knew that the water was contaminated prior to this discovery. If they did, the ethical issue is based on why the company continued to use the water in their products. If they did not know, the most significant ethical issue is how the company is going to handle the situation. The most ...

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    The solution provides a detailed memo with references for a corporate executive who must resolve a central ethical issue and is seeking your input. All requirements as related to the directions for the memo are included. This solution is written based on 25+ years of professional business and management experience.