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    Biocentric Versus Anthropocentric Values

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    Please explain what are the similarities and differences between human centered and life centered systems of environmental ethics?

    Please explain - does nature have intrinsic value? Explain your reasoning.

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    * Commonly called anthropocentric versus biocentric - these two schools of thought are very different in aspect of focus. The first - human centered, bases its value systems on relation to the human endeavor. That is, things have a value, are of import, are "worth" our attention by virtue of our potential uses for them and/or their effects on us for good or ill (their utility.) Biocentric ethics presumes humans to be within the boundary of the value system. [The far end of the biocentric perspective is often referred to as "deep ecology"] The idea then is that we are a rather large cog in a very large machine but all cogs have their purpose. Thus to upset any portion of the big green machine is unethical by virtue of impinging on the overall ...

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    A brief discussion of the philosophic differences and similarities between these two thought systems of environmental evaluation. Includes HTML attachment with live links for ease of use.