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    Personal behavior and environmental ethics

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    Identify your own values and ethics regarding environmental issues, and explain how the values and ethics you have identified define your responsibility to the natural environment. Give examples. Then identify a situation in which your behavior conflicted with your responsibilities. Explain if and how you resolved the conflict.

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    First, I would think about the different ethical systems that people use when dealing with environmental issues. Once such system is weak anthropocentrism, which states that all value is determined by the degree of satisfaction of humans' considered preferences. In other words, there is no right or wrong outside of human societies. If there were no humans, there would be no right or wrong. Contrasted to this is objective nonanthropocentric. People who subscribe to this belief do not think that humans are all that special, and we must therefore balance the needs of all living things.

    Furthermore, things can ...

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    Types of environmental ethical systems and why people often fail to live up to their values.