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    The Role of Ethics in Business

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    - Evaluate the concept of ethics as it relates to business operations. Be certain to utilize your text's definition and then compare and contrast definitions from other sources.
    - What stance does Drucker take on ethics?
    - How does your text author relate Carr's perspective regarding the role of ethics in business?
    - Provide your own perspective: are personal ethics and business ethics really different? Why or why not?

    Possibly helpful reference:
    Drucker, P. (1981). What is business ethics?

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    --What is the role of ethics in business?

    The role of ethics in business entails outlining protocols that reflects certain virtues of values and morals while conducting business activities. Therefore, the stated ethical standards offer business leaders to following in order to demonstrating appropriate behaviors. Ethical standards provide sufficient mainframe to following in business activities on a daily basis as well as reinforcing the company's vision. The organization is depended on a vision for operating within the targeted industry to making decisions or creating a quality product. Without the role of ethics in business, the organization can suffer greatly in not meeting the following most protocols in business:

    Consider the following in the final write up of research to the role of business ethics:

    a) Without the role of ethics in business the lack of honesty in contractual agreements between vendors, employees, talent, and consumers expectations to delivering a quality product or returning the product.

    b) Pricing inconsistency (try and think of the main occurrences in some businesses that will implement price gauges of upwards to gain much profit during a time of national demand, i.e. hurricane or disaster.

    c) Fraud activities ranging from accounting entries reflecting misleading advantages while, the actual reality is an employee stealing from the company (Try and think of the ...

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