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    Environmental Ethics: Deep Ecology

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    In chapter 9 of "Environmental Ethics" textbook there are contentious issues about Deep Ecology eco-philosophy as a religious matter. Some of the stakeholders are Minnesota Associated Contract Loggers, Olson Logging Company versus USFS, SWAN, Forest Guardians of Santa Fe, Native Americans, Religious Campaign for Forest Conservation, Christian Environmental Council, and others. Look at all their perspectives on national forest, and discuss your individual views on the lawsuits that ensued and the court decision that followed. What are your opinions? See the attachment.

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    I have examined the chapter you attached, and I tend to agree with the courts' decisions regarding Deep Ecology and its status as a religion. In fact, the USFS summed it very well when they said, "the preservationists' beliefs were not based on Deep Ecology that Deep Ecology is not a religion and that even if it were, and the U.S. Constitution would require the USFS to give these groups a fair hearing rather than prohibiting it. Although, the first part of that is ...

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    The expert examines the environmental ethics for deep ecology.