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    Population-Ecology model

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    Identify three writers/researchers who are associated with the Population-Ecology model describing their contributions. Then relate this model (benefits and/or problems) to one real-work experience.

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    // In this paper, we will discuss about population and population ecology model. The paper will also include the contributions of various researches that are associated with population ecology model. We will also discuss about the real work experience that is related to population ecology model.//

    Population Ecology Model:

    When individuals of same species live together in an area, the collection of these individuals is known as population. Population ecology is referred to the study that deals with populations, particularly the abundance of population. There are several theories and models proposed to explain population ecology. The model of population ecology is one of the popular models in the organizational theory that deals with the analysis of relationship of environment with organization. Natural selection model of biological ecology forms the basis of population ecology model. It is an effective model of organizational change that helps in describing the change in the organizations through analyzing the nature and distribution of resources in the environment of organizations (Aldrich, 2007).

    Contributions of the researchers associated with population ecology model:

    Various researchers such as Michael, T. Hannan, John, H. Freeman, Glenn, R. Carroll, Laszlo Polos, etc. are associated with ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 776 words with references.