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Organization Behavior: Organizational Theory

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Imagine that you have been asked to develop a contemporary organizational theory. You have decided that the fastest way to do this is to develop a hybrid using the current five contemporary organizational theory models; population-ecology model, resource-dependence model, rational-contingency model, transaction cost model, and institutional model. Answer the following questions about your model:

-What will the new name of your theory be? For example, your new theory might be called the "rational-ecology-dependence" model or the "population-cost-contingency" model.

-What does the descriptive title of the model mean?

-How will it represent your personal concept of the organization?

-What might its impact be?

Remember, this is your opportunity to be creative. Be imaginative. Explore the possibilities. The objective is to exercise your creative thinking muscles while exploring the application of what you have learned in this module.

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//Before starting this assignment, firstly we will give the name of the theory model that is going to be described by us. This will make it easy to continue the paper as per the instructions. Now as per the directions, we will move further and explain the exact meaning of the model, so that we can explain its importance in effective decision making process. //

The rational-resource-transaction model is the name of the model which has been developed. The title of the new theory means that it would incorporate the characteristics of all the three contemporary models including the Resource dependence model, Transaction cost model and the rational contingency model. This theory would represent the concept of effective decision making in an organization with the help of setting the priorities in the organization in an adequate manner.

//Above, we have discussed about the model of the organizational theory. According to the instructions given in the paper, there is a ...

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