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Organisational Knowledge Creation Theory

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See the following article and address the questions below:
Nonaka, I., Von Krogh, G., & Voelpel, S. (2006). Organizational knowledge creation theory: evolutionary paths and future advances. Organization studies, 27(8), 1179-1208

Present a written analysis of the findings offered in the journal article attached regarding how the organisational knowledge creation theory has evolved over the past 15 years. How might the theory be advanced in the future? Do you agree with this view? Why or why not? Please provide some practical examples where possible. Examples from the article need to be turned inside-out. I need also assistance with develops alternative or original concepts or theories.

Thank you very much.

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The expert examines organizational knowledge for the creation theory.

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Over the last decade, the organizational knowledge creation theory utilizes the process to amplifying knowledge created by individuals through process implementation. In defining the two main theoretical elements associated with organizational knowledge creation theory entails epistemology and knowledge conversion. Let's take a look at the areas asked for review:

- How might the theory be advanced in the future?

In the onset of business organization mission for empowering their employees through training and onset continued job tasks, the years forward presented epistemology concept to infusing newly approaches for gathering knowledge based expertise. Hence, the epistemology utilizes the theories of knowledge and ways of knowing certain job tasks within an organization by designing (i.e.; technology database systems) frameworks based on validity of proven knowledge - that results in high productivity. From the onset rise of technology from the late 1980s to 1990s, the role of epistemology took on newer forms of adaptability to the concept of knowledge ways of knowing. The methods by organization ...

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