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Organizational Leadership and Learning Processes

In your opinion, what are the most critical areas for leadership within the organization to concentrate on in developing effective learning processes? how must organizations account for the societal aspects affecting organisational learning and knowledge?

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According to Nonaka et al (2006) leadership's primary role is maintaining efficiency in the organization in order to facilitate knowledge creation. The goal of leadership, according to Nonaka et al (2006) is to promote knowledge creation and conversion. Following this philosophy, leaders would facilitate effective learning processes by creating a vision for knowledge creation and share that vision throughout the organization. The leader would make sure resource and time were set aside for knowledge creation. The leader encourages the creation of knowledge and the development of systems for knowledge creation, and they include knowledge creation in organizational goals. I think these are all good examples of the critical areas for leadership to concentrate on to build learning processes. ...

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This solution offers a brief discussion of the role of leadership in promoting effective learning processes in organizations.