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Theories, Models and Principles of Leadership

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Describes aspects of Career Academies as a reform initiative for high schools.

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Current Theories, Models and Principles of Leadership, Organizational Development and Management and Career Academies
By: Lynda Murray, PhD.Ed. (abd)

It is no secret that many high schools in America today are failing to meet Annual Yearly Progress (AYP) as defined by the legislative action of No Child Left Behind. The result of this failure in many states is to find new programs to implement within their schools to combat the reasons for failure: low graduation rates, poor attendance, low test scores on state mandated tests. One of these initiatives that is becoming popular is the Career Academy, an off-shoot of the Smaller Learning Communities (SLC), which was developed over thirty years ago and targeted students who were considered the highest risk of dropping out of high school. This effort, which utilizes many of the same principles of professional learning communities, entails the implementation of many changes within the dynamics of the school, from the leadership role to the group members' teaching methods. These change processes can create new challenges for the leadership, which must be addressed and dealt with in order to have success.
Career Academies are located within regular high schools, but courses ...

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Describes aspects of Career Academies as a reform initiative for high schools.

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