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You are the supervisor of the clerical support assistant for the department. You have never had formal leadership responsibilities before, and you wish to maximize the possibility that you will be successful with this new responsibility. On your own (not at the direction of your supervisor), you investigate major leadership theories and models. Develop a Pro and Con list involving these theories/models. Reflect on each theory and comment on how the theory fits with your own personal style. For example - with a contingency style of leadership, perhaps this would not fit with someone's style if that person believes that all subordinates should be treated identically.

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The response addresses the queries posted in 852 words with references.

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The response addresses the queries posted in 852 words with references.

//Before understanding the concept of objectivity, intelligence, communication skills, technical & social skills and empathy, it is necessary to understand the 'Concept of Leadership' because effective leadership can easily manage all these activities. In this context, I am providing major leadership theories and model//

Leadership Style


This paper gives a detailed analysis of the leadership theories and models, which are required to develop leadership skills. Leadership is the way of directing, controlling and motivating the employees or co-workers to perform specific tasks. There are various theories and models of leadership which emphasize on the importance of leadership. Apart from this, the paper will discuss about the pros and cons of the leadership theories.

Leadership theories and models

There are four leadership theories, which put emphasis on the leadership characteristics. These are as follow:

· Trait theory: According to this theory, leadership can be determined from the personal characteristics of the leader. There are some personality traits, which lead a person into the leadership roles such as motivating skills, objectivity, intelligence, communication skills, technical & social skills and empathy.

· Behavioral theory: According to this theory, strong leadership is the result of efficient behavior. This theory states that leadership is reflected by the acts of a person more than by his traits.

· Situational theory: The prime focus of this theory is given on the particular situation in which leadership is exercised.

· Transformational theory: According to this theory, a person can transform into a leader. People can learn the ...

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