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Wilcoxon Rank Test: Occupation and Wage

I need to Perform the five-step hypothesis test on the data.
Explain which nonparametric test you used to analyze your data and why you chose that test.

I came up with this Use a Wilcoxon signed-rank test
H0: M1= M2 (No difference in the mean salaries in manager and clerical positions)
H1: M1 not equal to M2 (Salaries differ for the two groups)

Total number is 34;

Clerical = 21
Managers= 13

Occupation and wages raw data

Occupation Wage
Clerical 28,219
Clerical 17,626
Management 21,994
Clerical 30,006
Clerical 18,121
Clerical 32,094
Clerical 16,667
Clerical 36,178
Management 15,234
Clerical 16,817
Clerical 22,485
Management 12,285
Management 57,623
Clerical 25,670
Management 49,974
Clerical 31,702
Management 33,389
Clerical 31,799
Clerical 34,484
Clerical 35,185
Management 55,777
Management 33,498
Management 75,165
Management 83,569
Clerical 32,235
Clerical 34,746
Management 17,690
Management 33,461
Clerical 9,879
Clerical 16,789
Management 31,304
Clerical 50,187
Clerical 39,888
Clerical 19,227

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