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Critical Analysis of Journal Article - Barriers to Organisational Learning

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Analyse the attached journal article with regard to the impediments to organisational learning. Evaluate the findings of the article with respect to psychological, cultural, structural, and leadership barriers to learning. What influence do such barriers have on the organisation and its learning and performance?

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A critical analysis for the barriers to organizational learning is provided.

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Kindly find attached tutorial having some ideas, references and content related to analysis of the given article with respect to the questions asked. Kindly use this work for your reference only and please do not use this content in your assignment or homework.

Analysis of Journal Article

Psychological Barriers:
Learning progress generally depends on the psychology of individuals. So, in this context, the lack of comprehension of behaviors is related to the external environment, biased perceptions of people, lack of motivation, emotions like fear of disadvantage and the individual identity. All these work as barriers in the process of organizational learning.

Cultural Barriers:
The cultural is also an important factor that works as a background of people when an individual is in learning stage (Schilling & Kluge, 2009). Certain cultural barriers like language, history, and basic values present major obstacles in organizational learning that diverts the mind setup of individual people from stage of learning. It also strikes the interpreting characteristics of people unconstructively.

Structural Barriers:
The position of an individual inside the organization has its importance. Learning could be affected by the internal working environment of an ...

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