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    Critical Theory: Thomas Kuhn/Paradigm Shift

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    250 words not counting citation:

    Select one passage from one theorist in Critical Theory and explain to us what you understand it to mean.

    Or, on the other hand, explain what you find confusing about such a passage.

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    Hi and thank you once again for using Brainmass. This solution has been written specifically for this particular problem. Since you did not list the names of theorists you are currently studying in your class, I have chosen one who is rather popular in most critical theory studies. If you need to expand on the information provided, you can use the listed references. Good luck with your studies.

    OTA 105878/Xenia Jones
    Critical Theory

    Critical theories, simply put, examines and analyses the current and established body of knowledge for the purpose of exposing their flaws not for anything else but for the purpose of moving forward a body of knowledge and of finding solutions where there are problems. A critical theory is essentially an examination of present ...

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    The solution explains what critical theories are and expounds on the work of Thomas Kuhn and why his theory of paradigm shifts is one of the most important critical theories in science. References are listed for further studies of the topic. A word version of the solution is attached for easy printing.