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    Thomas Kuhn's Philosophy of Science

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    Thomas Kuhn's work in the area of the philosophy of science is considered of great significance. Why is this so? In your discussion of Kuhn's ideas, explain what the following terms mean and their importance in Kuhn's thought:
    paradigm shift
    normal science
    You also need to understand the scientific method in order to adequately address this question.

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    Science, Knowledge & The Scientific Method

    The philosophy of science seeks to understand the epistemological and ontological nature of knowledge - for philosophers of science, knowledge is a social construct, a repository and library of information, way of thinking and interrogating reality developed throughout human experience. There are varied 'philosophies' that seek to explain knowledge and the scientific construct. This is important because we now live in an age where science is the established basis of accepted truth known as the 'circle of knowledge'. Previous to this before the period of Enlightenment, Religion dictated what is true and what isn?t becoming the basis of all knowledge. All phenomenons that are beyond human comprehension are given a religious justification - miracles, Divine Will, etc. This goes for both the natural and the social sciences - the flowers bloom because God wills it, people die because it is in the divine plan. Socially, monarchs rule because of a 'Divine Mandate' and the order of society is due to some 'grand design' that will be revealed by God at the 'end of days' when the true purpose of all is revealed as human comprehension are said to be inadequate to understand that of the Divine. But that was before, after the great revolution in knowledge creation that was the Enlightenment, first beginning in the works of philosophers like Rene Descartes and Immanuel Kant, soon, the use of 'reason' replaced 'religion' and the 'scientific method' became the central element in knowledge inquiry and establishment of truths. In the natural sciences, they sought to find out 'universal laws' to explain the natural ...

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