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    sociopsychological perspective versus human ecology

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    How come the human ecology perspective would not offer a better solution to the Fabian story and also under what circumstance would the human ecology work as a better solution for the Fabian' story?

    Read Fabian's story

    Fabian, age 42, lived in a modest home on Main Street in Butterbrickle, a small Midwestern village at the edge of a large city. He had cerebral palsy, at birth a disability resulting from damage to the brain at birth and manifested by muscular in coordination and speech disturbances. As his mobility was seriously restricted, he had made his home readily accessible for his wheelchair. He was bright, personable, assertive individual who comfortably felt and integral part of the community. From a sociopysychological perspective, he experienced a sense of being a significant part of something larger than himself, his community. He understood how to negotiate his environment. He felt comfortable with the support and caring of the townspeople around him.

    Fabian's disability, limited mobility, and special bathroom needs made it difficult for him to find employment, especially in tiny Butterbrickle. Thus, he was dependent on his SSI (Supplemental Security Income) payments, which were adequate to meet his monthly house payments and basic living expenses but left little for recreation or amenities. He loved to putter in his small garden and became quite an effective gardener. Each summer neighbors praised the beauty, color, and lushness of his flowers. Suddenly, Fabian came up with an idea: What about turning his hobby into a profitable business? Why not sell his flowers and significantly enhance his meager income? "Fabian's Fabulous Flowers" became a reality as he put up a sign and arranged plank shelves on sawhorses in his front yard, covering them with dozens of potted plants. Many customers responded to the dazzling display, and Fabian found himself making a small supplemental income.

    However, his immediate neighbors were enraged that Fabian had turned a residential plot into commercial property that devalued the worth of their own properties and intensified parking congestion. Instead of applauding his flowers, neighbors demanded Fabian stop his commercial enterprise immediately. He Refused. As a result, the neighbors complained to the village administrator that this "continuous yard sale" violated zoning regulations. The administrator subsequently contacted Fabian and told him to terminate his business unless he received a special permit.

    Fabian decided to advocate for himself, submitted the necessary information to the village board of appeals for such a permit, and requested the required hearing. All neighbors were notified and attended the event. After many questions and much fiery debate, the board ultimately decided to grant Fabian his special permit. One of their considerations in making this decision was Fabian's difficulty in finding work elsewhere because of his special physical needs.

    Fabian's neighbors remained irate, stopped speaking to him, and ignored his existence. He had increased his economic status and enhanced his independence. However, from a sociopyschological perspective, his social acceptance and standing in his immediate community were strikingly diminished. He no longer felt part of the "we" along with his community neighbors.

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    In a case of this nature the human ecology perspective would not offer a better solution to the Fabian story, largely due to the fact that Fabian's neighborhood, community, and ecological surroundings are not responsible for making Fabian the person that he is, or shaping him in any appreciable manner. Fabian ...

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