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    Shawnee National Forest as an Environment Management Example

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    Often land is set aside for natural preserves by agencies or government entities. Describe a park in your area and provide the following information in your post:

    * What is the name of the preserve or park and the managing agency?
    * What are the types of ecosystems found in the preserve or park?
    * What are some of the most common species (plants and animals) that are typically found in the preserve or park?
    * How do humans use the park?
    * What is the recent history of natural or human disturbance and its impact?

    After describing the preserve or park, discuss whether you think it is important to set aside this area. Why or why not?

    What benefits would you derive as a visitor to the park?
    How would you manage this resource if you were a manager?

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    site: Shawnee National Forest http://www.fs.fed.us/r9/forests/shawnee/ (and in the St. Louis area)
    managed by the USDA Forest Service - created as a National Forest in 1930s
    (history of the Shawnee: http://www.illinoishistory.com/shawnee.html)

    The area is predominantly temperate lowland hills with mixed oak and deciduous cover. http://www.srs.fs.usda.gov/pubs/gtr/gtr_srs073/gtr_srs073.pdf
    (links to a nice PDF on oak ecosystems in the region - Upland oak ecology symposium: history, current conditions, and sustainability 311 pages, 22MB hope you got broadband!) Borders river bottom/bottomland forest in several areas esp. W/S/Se periphery, and some temperate swamp, especially in the NE. Much of these lands were formerly farm and/or timber lands as noted in: and thus ...

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