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Green product marketing

For the following use the new "Green Product", Green Forest Facial Tissues made by Green Forest Paper Products, owned by Planet, Inc.

Identify three (3) marketing environment forces (demographic, economic, natural, technological, political, or cultural) that will impact this type of product. Describe each force and analyze why & how it will impact the product/service.
Explore strategies to overcome the threats and/or capitalize on opportunities.

Please include a reference list. All research should be cited in the body of the paper. Please include in-text citations and corresponding references in the paper.

The objective is to:
# Explain how changes in the environment affect marketing decisions.
# Discuss the importance of marketing research, and how marketing information is used.
# Describe the steps in market segmentation, target marketing, and positioning.
# Describe and apply the elements of product.
# Discuss the elements of a marketing strategy.

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I chose demographics, economic, and cultural as the three areas that would be environmental forces for this product. You might want to mention the political and natural environment as well, in a couple of sentences. Both of these are issues at large in the past couple of years for anything about the environment. The treaties and work done to protect the environment on a worldwide scale are quite encouraging and should be noted in some way. You will also need to discuss the elements of a marketing strategy. That should round out the last page. Also I included the three references I used. You may want to expand the support of statements. In culture the signing of the Kyoto Treaty shows evidence of the cultural shift about the environment throughout the world.

The new facial tissues from Green Forest Products should be a welcome product to those concerned about the environment and hoping to maintain a "green" lifestyle. From Green Forest Products (Green Forest, 2010) consumers can choose to buy a product that looks and feels much like the regular paper products that are not green standard.

The Green Forest products have been through a lot of corporate changes, but not their mission and vision to provide environmentally safe, chemical free products to the consumer. Their paper products maintain a large percentage of recycled material and they are chlorine free, and safe for septic tanks. (Green Forest, 2010) With the innovation of softness and bright white paper, the company ...

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