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Big Green Egg Launch

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Plan a realistic market launch of the Big Green Egg, from introduction through stabilization of operations. "Launch" applies to the target market where you want to sell your product. A link to the website is http://www.biggreenegg.com/about-us/ to ensure you use the right product.

1. The rationale for choosing the target market of Italy

2. The rationale for choosing Italy as the country where your product will be made, including a brief background of the industry in the market, as well as competitors.

3. The strategy you will employ to launch the Big Green Egg; it has to include the entry decisions that have to be made and intended mode of entry.

4. The organizational structure you selected to support the launch.

5. The Sales, marketing, logistics, cultural, and political aspects.

6. The Financial management considerations for the launch, including foreign currencies, tariffs, and overall foreign market exchange considerations.

7. Develop an Excel spreadsheet with notional values for the anticipated cash flows (expenses and income) with the resulting bottom line (profit or loss) for each year.

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The response addressing the query is posted in 1687 words with references.

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The response addressing the query is posted in 1687 words with references.

//In order to launch and successfully establish a product in the market, there are various parameters that are needed to be considered such as the cultural, political, legal and financial aspects. In this regard, a business plan to launch of a product, named Big Green Egg has been developed and discussed below.//

Introduction of the Product
Big Green Egg is a modernized version of the old age cookers and is used for roasting and grilling meat. It is designed as a cooking vessel made up of clay and its concept is inspired by the Chinese Qin Dynasty in which people used to cook rice and meat in pots. It goes very well with the growing preference of the consumer for a healthy way of cooking food. It is a very easy and convenient way of slow or fast cooking as there are different options available in it through which the temperature can be set at different levels as per the requirement. In order to improvise its design, the company engineers have found a new type of ceramic, which was made by NASA for its operations and also, various steps were taken in order to increase its productivity and features. This helped the Big Green Egg in becoming a stronger and more durable cooker that provides better heat insulation than any other cooker in the market. This is an essential competitive advantage of Big Green Cooker. There is also a research and development unit in which the innovative methods are explored in order to make the Big Green Egg better (Big Green Egg, 2015).

//As you have become familiar with the product, in further discussion, the target market for selling and production, the rationale for choosing it and a brief background of the industry in the market, as well as competitors, have been highlighted.//

Target Market for Selling and Production
Target market implies the market in which the firm carries out its marketing operations such as, production, selling and others. It is the market in which the firm believes it can gain maximum profit. A market is targeted on the basis of research conducted on the internal and external market factors that includes, consumer, government regulations, foreign exchange and others (Kerr, 2015).

In this context, the market targeted for selling and production of Big Green Egg is Italy. The demand for the round shaped roasting cookers is high in the Italian market, as the consumers in Italy are highly health conscious and prefers roasting and barbecuing over frying. Hence, this factor also favors the selection of Italian market for selling Big Green Egg. In the prevailing business environment, firms want to expand their operations and reduce the various associated cost. In this regard, the firms target a foreign market, where large opportunities for expansions and cost reduction are present (Joseph, 2015). The country like Italy consists of numerous beneficial factors from which the firm can ...

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