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    Target market for car

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    Select a target market segment for your initial launch of the car. Describe why you think this target segment is most appropriate for your car.

    Once you have selected the target market, discuss how you will create a marketing information system to monitor that segment. How will it monitor external factors in the business environment that will influence demand for the car? How will it enable Green Motorcar Company to more quickly respond to the changes in demands driven by changes in the business environment?

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    The target market I would choose are the groups most likely to need a small, car that gets good mileage per gallon of gas and that is less expensive to purchase. Those might include, teens, single parents with one child, college students, and older people looking for an inexpensive second car. All of these are less likely to have a lot of money to spend on a car and would like the reliable features that come with the Toyota. The gas mileage is a good selling point for them as well. Each of these groups usually have less disposable income to spend on gas, oil, and other needs for a car.

    To keep up with the ability to sell and market a vehicle, one must keep a constant eye on the economy, the ...

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