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    Consumer Behaviour for Cadillac

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    Go to www.cadillac.com.

    (a). Provide a background of the website as an introduction to this project (1 page max)
    (b). Once the ultimate status symbol, Cadillac's image began a slow decline around 1980. The brand is now on a major quest to reclaim its title. Although they are seeing some success, they may be hitting certain target markets with some of their products that actually detract from the image they are trying to achieve. What do you see as the main problems?
    (c). Specifically regarding the Escalade line of SUVs, how do you perceive the conflict between Cadillac's traditional target market and that of new market segments that are embracing the brand (i.e., hip hop culture)? How should Cadillac have addressed this issue?
    (d). Design a promotional strategy outline using ConsumerBehaviour concepts.
    (e). What would be your recommendations for the brand to revitalize itself? Provide good rationales for this.

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    Question 5
    Go to www.cadillac.com .

    (a). Provide a background of the website as an introduction to this project (1 page max)
    The website opens with an almost blank page from which one has to click on copyrights and trademarks link to proceed. On the copyright and trademarks page, there is help center, contact us, search, reports, merchandize, commercials & downloads, warranty and experience OnStar.
    The website experience till now is drab, draped in grey and shows that the brand Cadillac is on the decline. The help link takes us to a page titled contact us, this gives us a list of links under the headings service and warranty, product questions, purchase and financing and roadside assistance. Again the links are listed in uninspiring grey.
    The contact us provides the visitor with web contacts for new purchases, making suggestions and questions, it has phone contact numbers and contact addresses in nine countries.
    I tried the request brochure and was faced with a list of links corresponding to the models it sold. These were in PDF format. I tried the Escalade brochure and was confronted with a picture of the car again done in uninteresting grey. On browsing to the next page, I was confronted with select specifications of the car in such small print that it was difficult to read. After zooming the PDF page several times, I found that the brochure described exterior features, seating arrangements, engine/ chassis feature, sound systems, safety and security features and wheels. The brochure also gives the details of the model, fuel consumption, maximum capacities and exterior colors.
    Overall, the website provides ...

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