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Uniform Commercial Code Warranty Stipulations

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A consumer purchased a pre-owned car described as a "2007 Cadillac with 20,000 original miles" on it. The seller is a Cadillac dealership. Like every other 2007 Cadillac, this car has a motor designed and built by Chevrolet and also used in 2007 Chevrolets and Pontiacs. As well, and unknown to the dealer, the original owner has turned back the Odometer by 10,000 miles.

What UCC warranties were breached by the dealer?

What is the effect of the dealer's knowledge or lack of knowledge of the facts at issue?

What would be the result if the customer purchased the car from an individual through a newspaper advertisement?

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The expert examines uniform commercial code warranty stipulations.

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The UCC warranty that was breached by the dealer is the implied warranty that the 20,000 original miles showing on the odometer, are the actual miles of use. This implied warranty is breached, due to the fact that although the dealer did not ...

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