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    Contract Law Case Study

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    Sally Beauty Co. V. Nexxus Products Co.
    801 F.2d 1001
    (This case may be found on Lexis®/Nexis® or on page 919 of the casebook)

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    Sally BeautyCo. V. Nexxus Products Co., 801 F.2d 1001 (1986)

    Facts: Best Barber entered into a legally binding contract with Nexxus Products Co., and the terms of this contract stipulated that best Barber had the exclusive rights to the distribution of Nexxus products throughout the state of Texas. An additional stipulation of this contract, was the fact that the only means by which to terminate this contract, was by providing 120 days prior notice of the intent to terminate the contract, and the termination of the contract would could occur on the subsequent anniversary date in the preceding years after the date of the initiation of the first ...

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