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    Distribution Channel Strategy

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    1. Identify an organization and provide a detailed description of its distribution channel strategy.

    2. ("Where Should the Next Marketing Dollar Go?") describes how Cadillac's fortunes have changed from the mid 1970s to the present day as a direct result of market dynamics. You may have noticed Cadillac's shift in marketing strategy, evidenced by its new commercials, as the company attempts to reposition the brand to appeal to a new market segment.

    With this as a backdrop, identify a brand, product or service that a company is working to reposition and provide one or two examples of related changes in its marketing strategy and tactics.

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    Kodak is a multinational public company situated in New York. The company develops and manufactures imaging and photographic materials of superior quality. Kodak is led by Antonio M. Perez as its CEO and has been famous for its wide variety of photographic film products from a very long time. However, the company is currently redesigning its strategy to concentrate on new business opportunities existing in the areas of digital photography and digital printing (Kodak, 2008).

    Distribution Channel Strategy

    The company develops and markets digital cameras and printers, controls photo kiosks and delivers online photo sharing and photo merchandise facilities. Kodak possesses many opportunities to earn revenues from its customer-segment. Its customers can buy Kodak cameras, print photos on Kodak paper with the help of a Kodak printer and get high-quality digital prints from the in-store kiosks of the company.

    It has combined its Picture CD technology with the in-store kiosks where customers are allowed to place Picture CD technology and burn their own CDs. At present, customers that have 35mm negatives place their negatives in the kiosks and modify pictures as per their liking by viewing the screen of the kiosk. As a result of this strategy, the customers are able to take their pictures home on a CD and upload them on their home computers for any type of future use. Kodak is required to successfully reach the quick printers, commercial printers, corporations and bureaus of transaction printing services.

    On the other hand, the company needs to focus attention on the promotion of its new software. In order to achieve this purpose, Kodak needs to alter its marketing strategy in a very complicated manner. It needs to foster new relationships with the upcoming manufacturers of camera, printers and computers in a short period of time. ...

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    The given discussion is based on the distribution channel strategy. In the first section of the discussion, the introduction of Kodak is given to describe the details of the business of the company. Next, the 'Distribution Channel Strategy' and the implementation of this strategy in Kodak Corporation is given in detail. In the subsequent section of the discussion, another company is used for the analysis of the 'Distribution Channel Strategy'. The new firm is 'Cadillac'. The introduction and the business performance of the company with the passage of time are described. Then, the concept of 'repositioning' is descried in detail. The mentioned concept is given in the relation of the Cadillac. References are provided for this 1,065 word answer.