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    channel of distribution

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    Describe your company's channel of distribution. Is it a single or multiple channel strategy? Provide rationale for the strategy. How was buyer preferences used to determine the channel strategy? STARBUCKS.

    Market scope refers to how broadly an organization views its target market. At one extreme some businesses try to appeal to most consumers in the market. At the other extreme a company may only focus on a small portion of the market. What are some advantages and disadvantages of both strategies? What do you consider to be the best approach when determining an organization's market scope? STARBUCKS

    The three major objectives of marketing communications are to inform, persuade and remind. How does your company's marketing communication strategy achieve these objectives? Does your company have an Integrated Marketing Communications Plan? Why or why not. STARBUCKS

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    //Before explaining the marketing channels and different channel strategies for the Company, the understanding of the Company and its scope is very essential. Through this, we will have a good learning about the functioning and marketing strategies of the firm. In this series, the first point is discussing a brief introduction, of the functioning, of the company//



    Starbucks Corporation is one of the United States based company which is a global coffeehouse. The company is among the world's largest coffee houses. The company markets its products in more than 44 countries. For the proper distribution of its products, Starbucks follow an effective channel of distribution. With its global distribution the company has established more than 16000 stores all over the world. To have proper and effective distribution, the company formulated effective channel strategy (Starbucks Corporation, 2009).

    //After having a view of the Company, Starbucks, which is a global coffeehouse having global distribution of its products; we will discuss the channel of distribution of the company and the strategies followed by the firm in maintaining its distribution channels.//

    Channel of Distribution

    Starbucks coffee chain has vertical distribution channel. Under vertical distribution channel, each channel member is connected with more than one members of the channel. This vertical marketing distribution channel is divided into three categories namely corporate, contractual and administrative. In corporate, their own distribution systems are operated by the suppliers. Starbucks mainly follows the corporate channel. Under this channel, coffee is imported by the company and after processing it, the company sells coffee by its own brand name through its stores.

    The channel strategy of the company is a multi-channel strategy. This is because the company has a multi-channel distribution structure to ...

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