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    Apply consumer behavior principles to marketing strategies

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    Apply consumer behavior principles to marketing strategies based on the iPhone.

    include the following information:

    ? Explain the roles of learning and memory theories in developing marketing strategies.

    ? Recommend product, pricing, promotional, and place and distribution strategies to successfully reposition the product based upon, or supported by, consumer behavior concepts and theories.

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    Consumer behaviour is the study of people as individuals, groups, or even organizations and the processes which they use in making decisions to select, secure, use and dispose goods and services to satisfy their needs and the impacts that these processes would have on the consumer and the society at large (Perner, 2010).

    The consumer buying principle can also be called consumer buying behaviour. The consumers in the iphone industry are mainly individual users and their needs differ one to another. Consumers undertake a buying process before embarking on the purchase decision and thus it is the task of the marketing department to identify consumer needs and provide a solution for them. A good example with the iphone (produced by apple) is that they identified that consumer wanted phones with 3G features and with increased technology. ...

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    The expert applies consumer behavior principles to marketing strategies based on the iPhone.