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    Internal Influences

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    What are two examples of internal influences on consumer behavior and two examples of external influences on consumer behavior? How do these influences impact marketing strategies? How can marketers use consumers' values to position their product(s) or service(s)?

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    Internal Influences:
    An example of an internal influence on consumer behavior is the consumer's attitude which is reflected on how a person acts and reacts according to his/her beliefs. It is difficult to change a person's attitude once it has been formed. If consumers have experienced or heard negative reports about the products of a certain company, their attitude becomes negative too and the company must work harder to change this attitude. Company must first identify the issues that have contributed and shaped the negative attitude of the customers and they must adjust their marketing strategies based on what they have discovered. For example, if a customer does not like the advertisement that the company has shown because it is manifesting stereotyping or discrimination, the company must stop this and replace with a better one. If there is a problem with the company's products or services then once identified, management must be able to improve their weaknesses so change the negative attitudes of the customer.
    Another internal influence is the personality of the customer. The way a customer acts and reacts in manifesting his/her personal characteristics in front of others shows the basis of how others perceive his/her personality. Each ...

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