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    Bought a product or idea because of external influences

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    Hi, I need help answering the following marketing questions:

    *Please relate your own personal experiences.
    *Please provide real-world work-place examples.
    *Please answer questions in the length of 200-300 words each
    *Please provide all references used

    1. Describe a situation where you've bought a product or idea because of external influences. Did this interfere with your internal influencers? How was the company trying to position their product or service?

    2. Describe why you feel its ok, or not ok for companies to play on consumers internal and external influencers. Reference your personal experiences.

    3. Describe which internal factor or external influencer you feel is the most important to consider in marketing, and why? Describe your personal experiences?

    Thank you!

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    Marketing: Consumer Behavior
    Answer 1
    Presently, the living standard of the people has been increased and everybody wants to increase their social status. Sometime ago, I had a two wheeler vehicle. Some friends of mine have car. I also want to raise my standard in the society and friend circle. So, I also decided to buy a car. The main reason behind taking this decision was the social factor. There are various external factors that influence a consumer to buy some product or services such as social environment, reference groups, culture, family and friend circle, etc. (Peter & Donnelly, 2002). I was very much influenced by this group factor of external environment and bought a Ford Escort.
    It was not very easy for me to purchase a Ford Escort due to the income factors. I could not afford this luxury car. This interfered in my internal influences. Internal influences of a consumer behavior are personality, beliefs, attitude, motivation, etc. (Clark & Goldsmith, 2006). Well, there are numerous strategies of company's through which they can sell their product to the consumer. The company also gave me offer to buy this car through vehicle loan, so that I can pay the price through monthly installments.
    Thus, that was a very critical situation for me to buy car that was ...

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    The expert describes a situation where they've bought a product or idea because of external influences.