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    Marketers Process to Drive Buyer's Actions

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    ? Discuss how marketers can use the process to drive buyer's actions.
    ? Explain the impact of consumer satisfaction on marketing.

    Please include intro. and con.

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    Consumer buying behavior can be described as the study of people, groups or organizations including the processes that they use to select, use and dispose products and services to satisfy the needs and the impacts that the above processes have on the consumer and the entire society being affected by the buying decision. Consumer buying behavior is generally a process that involves services, ideas and goods or tangible products. It is of great use to the marketer whenever a product is bought because it influences how a product is being positioned or better yet an increased consumption by the market. Consumer behavior is influenced by groups and individuals. In this case, the buying decision may be influenced by a group of employees who require to be bought for a particular product. On the other hand, an individual's consumption is influenced by the society. The reason for this being, consumption of foods and products that in the long run could affect your body is of concern to the society (Customer Behavior, n.d.).

    Consumer decision making process has a number of steps. A consumer identifies the need, i.e. what he/she wants the product and why. Upon identifying the need, the consumer embarks on information searching on the product that will satisfy their need. In this case, one looks at the alternatives for the product and would gather information based on internal and external information. By using internal information, one gets information from their memory while in external information search they get information from friends, families, media and marketers on the product. Upon finishing the information search, one embarks on evaluating alternatives where they compare their desired product to competing products on ...

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