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    Elements of the consumer decision-making process

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    Hi! I need assistance with some ideas for the following:

    Write a response in which you summarize the elements of the consumer decision-making process. Address the following:

    *Discuss how marketers can use the process to drive buyer's actions.
    *Explain the impact of consumer satisfaction on marketing.
    *Reference the course reading and at least one outside reference.

    Thank You!

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    The consumer decision making process consists of various stages. Let us discuss those one by one.

    The first step in the consumer decision making process is recognition of problem. The buying process starts when consumer recognizes the need to buy a product, say an automobile or car. For example, let's assume that a person recognizes that needs an automobile to reach office daily on time. To resolve this problem, he starts looking for solutions.

    Marketers that understand the real needs and wants or problems and provide solutions to address such needs and resolve problems are the ones that become successful in the marketplace. It is essential for marketers to understand the underlying problem or need that consumers are trying to fulfill via the product or service to ensure that the delivered product or service exactly addresses those issues and provides maximum possible satisfaction to consumers. In today's competitive business environment, customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal of any marketer or organization as it helps in developing a loyal customer base, strong brand loyalty and increased chances ...

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    Write a response in which you summarize the elements of the consumer decision-making process.