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Free Will and Determinism

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To what extent is human behavior determined by external and internal influences? Do we have free will? Can these two ways of accounting for human action be reconciled with each other?

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To what extent is human behavior determined by external and internal influences?

Human behavior is primarily, if not exclusively, determined by internal influences. External influences can present us with environments, optional courses of action and/or temptations. However, each individual is responsible to make his or her own choice regarding actions.

This is witnessed frequently in closed communities where the environment and daily lives of individuals are nearly identical while their choices are disparate. Consider concentration camps during WWII in both ...

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This post examines the opposing perspectives of free will and determinism. Over 350 words of original text from the perspective of a humanities and religious studies professor with over 15 years of teaching experience. No sources are included.

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Free Will and Determinism

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