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Setting as a symbolism for characters in The Great Gatsby

Setting as a Symbolism in The Great Gatsby

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Topic: Setting as a symbolism for characters in The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby, a novel filled with ups and downs, past and present as well as happiness and sorrow in the lives of its characters is based on the symbolism of its different settings. The settings in The Great Gatsby are essential elements to the formation of the characters and the overall plot of the story. Setting is extremely important in this novel as it reinforces the theme and character traits that drive the novel's critical events. The four major settings in the novel each represent a character or a group of characters and contribute greatly to their values.
Fitzgerald uses East Egg and West Egg to portray two separate worlds and two classes of people that are similar in status but fundamentally different in their ideals. "Across the courtesy bay the white palaces of fashionable East Egg glittered along the water ..." (10). The description of East Egg represents the Buchanans, a couple from a wealthy background with high social status. Their spacious home, described in shades of red and white and cream, and overlooking the cool bay, portrays them as members of an elite, white, upper-class. The Buchanans are powerful and they symbolize the old upper class that continues to dominate the American society. Although many become rich later, the Buchanans possess a different affluence. The have the heritage and the past that many do not have. Their inheritance plays a big role in the social status and wealth and provides them with a sense of dignity. This sense of charm and dignity that Daisy possesses is the main reason that Gatsby lies to her about his own background in order to convince her that he is good enough for her. East Egg represents the old aristocracy or 'old money' and this can not be replaced with anything else.
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