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    "catcher in the Rye" versus "Great Gatsby"

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    I am preparing for an in class final and teacher has given us some possible topics to think about. Could use some help with this question.

    Why does Holden Caufield (Catcher inthe Rye) like the book "The Great Gatsby" so much?

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    What this question is essentially asking is:why does Holden Caulfield sympathize with The Great Gatsby?

    The best strategy, I think, is to do a character comparison between Holden and Nick.

    Remember that Holden feels that everyone in Pencey is a "phony."

    In the Great Gatsby, Nick also feels that those around him are phony, for they are rich and able to get away with a lot because of this (including breaking the law).

    You should structure your essay by doing a compare and contrast of the characters from Catcher in the Rye to the characters in the Great Gatsby.

    You need textual support for this as well.

    Start by forming a thesis. For example, your introductory paragraph could be:

    The narrators in "The Catcher in the Rye" and in "The Great Gatsby" both feel that their social web is ...

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