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    Great Gatsby Movie review

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    I am asking for advice on the topic listed below. How would you complete this assignment? Any suggestions?

    I am to watch the Great Gatsby and write notes on my favorite scene. Then write a 1-2 page paper explaining how group conformity, group diversity, informal social group, language, behavior, and values apply to the scene.

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    Dear Student,
    Hi and thank you for using Brainmass. You are asking for assistance in putting together a critical thinking essay. You already have all the materials you need if you have a copy of the Great Gatsby and have read it (or if you are basing on the movie, watched it) as it is explained what you need to do and what aspects to look into in your course task. First let us look for a suitable scene. There are a few to choose from. Also you can utilise the 1974 movie starring Robert Redford to make things easier for you. Remember, it can be any scene as long as it is your favourite or of interest to you. Personally, I would choose something far simpler as it would allow you to focus on a few characters only. I would choose the dinner scene where Nick is invited over to the home of his cousin Tom and his wife Daisy. There are only 4 characters and a child and it is simple enough to look into social dynamics. I would go for the following outline:

    1. Introduction - here, introduce what your critical essay is about and why you have chosen this scene from the Novel or the movie. Also set out your purpose. About 100 - 200 words.

    2. Characters - who are the characters? Present a small synopsis - about 100-200 words.

    3. Issues about conformity and diversity of the characters - 200 words.

    4. Look into the informality element of the social grouping, especially in the language used - about 200 words.

    5. Look into the behavior of the characters - what do they imply regarding social, moral and personal values? - About 200 ...

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