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    The Dreams and Aspirations of the Great Gatsby

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    I need a quote concerning dreams and aspirations to support my thesis statement. I need three different examples from the book of dreams and aspirations and have quotes supporting the three examples. I also have to pick three quotes from the three literary work given by my teacher; either it agrees or contrast with my quotes I pick from the great gatsby.

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    In reviewing the dreams and aspirations in The Great Gatsby, a good starting place would be to define the two words. According to Merriam-Webster online (2013), a dream is a strongly desired goal or purpose, and aspiration is a strong desire to achieve something high or great; an object of such desire. The connection between the two seems to an obvious correlation, that is; aspiration is a need to fulfill our dreams and desires. When we pursue a dream or desire, that aspiration directs our decisions and energies. Often it rallies others to the same goal, and becomes the motivation for shared energies and fulfillments.

    The aspiration of Gatsby dealt with his desire to be with Daisy. That desire was his dream, and in referring to the connection between dreams and aspirations, the desire to be with Daisy was a fulfillment of his aspiration, i.e., his goal to achieve.

    The Great Gatsby is about the American dream; a dream that was originally about discovery, individualism, and the pursuit of happiness. The goal of the American dream was and still is to fulfill our desires, whatever those desires may be. However, The Great Gatsby is a depiction of 'the disintegration on the American dream in an era of unprecedented prosperity and material excess' (SparkNotes, 2002). Fulfilling the dream for Gatsby meant pursuing a goal that was entrenched in a desire born in his ...

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    This solution is a comprehensive summation of dreams and aspirations as they apply to the Great Gatsby. In a Word document of more than 800 words, the American dream, during the penning of this novel, is detailed. The metaphorical details are examined in a way that allows the student to fully understand the concept of dreams and aspirations and the meanings attached to them.