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Critique of children's film

first, look up your favorite movie, and find a bad review of it (that is, a reviewer that dislikes the movie). Rottentomatoes.com is a great site to find positive and negative reviews of movies. Save or favorite the site as you will have to include it in your paper by referencing it with quotes and including a works cited page that references the bad review of the movie.

Next, read the review. After reading the review, watch the movie again and see if the author of the review has points that are valid re: your favorite movie. Note the way that the author of the review points out why he/ she does not like the movie. Usually, these include references to the writing, acting, directing, filming (cinematography), editing, and the plausibility of the film. Take notes during the film that refute what the author is saying about the film.

Next, write an essay in the same style as the reviewer by defending the movie with your own ideas as to why it is a good/ great film. DO NOT just simply state the opposite points that the reviewer makes, as this sounds childish and lacks interesting thinking on your part. Instead, your essay should thoughtfully defend the quality of your movie by debating the reviewerâ??s points one by one. Hint: You may want to look at a positive review of the movie, as well to see how people talk about movies they like and get some ideas. You should mention the reviewer by name in your essay at least once. You should also address the acting, story, writing, cinematography, etc as is necessary.

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The bad review from rottontomatoes.com, in particular the Web site: http://www.villagevoice.com/2002-07-30/film/ursine-minor/1/

The film is a children's film by Disney called the Country Bears. The bad review is included here in its entirely so you can see it.

Ursine Minor
When Animatronics Attack
By Michael Atkinson Tuesday, Jul 30 2002
Finally, it's happened: a movie based upon a theme park exhibit rather than the reverse. Extrapolated from Disney World's lifeless but kid-friendly Country Bear Jamboree robot show, The Country Bears (Buena Vista, in general release) was explicitly conceived by a Disney exec as a steal from The Blues Brothers: Disbanded pop group reunites on a road trip to play one last show and save the concert-hall homestead. However prosaic narratively, this ingrown mutant is easily the most bizarre children's film made in this country since 1982's lab-rat apocalypse The Secret of NIMH. Huge, semi-caricatured, Hensontronic talking bears pepper the otherwise realistic Southern landscape, occupying mostly service-industry jobs-the prospect of a truly berserk, Apes-type race-relations metaphor looms but then collapses in a drawling muddle of cheap jokes. (Many of the film's humans cannot distinguish bears from people, but everyone recognizes the celebrity beasts.)
The unaddressed incongruities are as stupefying as the music; certainly, the heavily fanged bears are convincing and threatening enough to make you hope for a royal When Animals Attack maiming, ...

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Basedon a negative review of a children's film, critique the film positively, refuting the negative claims of the first review, in the same style.