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    Critically read and respond to the writing of others.

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    You have been asked by a classmate to critique her work for her before she submits it for a grade. You aren't very sure of how to critique a work, so you decide to do some research beforehand. In your research you decide to find the following:
    ? What does it mean to critique?
    ? Methods in effectively critiquing a work
    ? Which aspects to look for in doing the critique
    ? How to note the findings
    ? How to write and present a critique

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    This is interesting--I might steal this assignment! I like the idea of learning how to critique before doing it.

    1. What does it mean to critique?
    Critique means to look critically at something and perform analysis. To critique means to be an objective observer--looking at something with eyes outside of the project and the person who did the project and critically analyzing it. You will ask yourself first, "What are some positive things about the piece?" "What are things that need to improve?" "How can the piece or work be improved?"

    2. Methods:
    1. Point out what's working, what you like. Be specific.
    2. Point out ...