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    Poor Stewardship at Easter Island

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    Review the occurrences at Easter Island and use this situation as a case study of poor stewardship that resulted in lack of sustainability.

    Define stewardship and define sustainability. Then, select either the Amazon Rainforest (deforestation is the issue) or Bridger Teton National Forest located in Western Wyoming (possible oil drilling).

    Discuss stewardship and sustainable resource use. In your discussion, describe the issues or potential problems. What are the environmental implications of deforestation if you choose the Amazon for your discussion? What are the ramifications of drilling for oil in Bridger Teton National Forest if this is your topic selection?

    Can either area be conserved through wise use or should segments be preserved without any use?

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    Easter Island is an example of poor stewardship and lacking of a sustainable system. We should learn from Easter Island that the Earth has limited resources to support human society. Easter Island had a small area and there was no escape for people to leave. Currently there is no place for human to leave and we could very well end our society similar to the civilization located on Easter Island.

    The biome, Amazon Rainforest, is an example of an area of depleting resources. Stewardship is the actions and programs used to manage natural resource and human well-being for the common good. Sustainability is a system that can be applied indefinitely without depleting resources required to keep it running.

    Many environmental problems are entangled with the Amazon Rainforest. The most damaging is the process of deforestation. Deforestation is the removal of trees for human activity. Problems associated with deforestation are; soil erosion, extinction of species with special niches, reduces the available habits for birds, decreases soil fertility and allows runoff into aquatic ecosystems. Forest destruction threatens indigenous ...

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