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    The art of Easter Island

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    Investigate the theories about the creation of the figures on Easter Island and write an explanation that tells how, why, and when they were carved.
    Also read about the theories regarding how the figures were moved. Offer information about the theory you feel is most logical and explain why.
    Explain how the construction and movement of the statues had an ecological impact on the island
    What does the construction of something this monumental tell us about the complexities of the society that created them?

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    Current examination of pollen and other remnants from the once-thriving civilization of more than 10,000 on Easter Island from aprroximately 400-1400 A.D. reveal a decline in the consumption of porpoise due to the deforestaion of the area. The increasing lack of wood disallowed wood to be used for boats to secure the former food staple in the diet and, perhaps more significant, disallowed burning wood for fires to keep warm. With the lack ...

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    Describe and analyze the artwork of Easter Island of the Pacific Cultures