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The End of Easter by J. Diamond

Again another the question is board from the article in the text " The End of Easter" by Jared Diamond

With humans so short-sighted and industrialization proceeding at such a furious pace around the globe, what will prevent us from destroying our environment?

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Jared Diamond's Critical Proposal

Diamond's 1995 article, "The End of Easter" published in Discover Magazine is fascinating in that in it, his analysis of the information unearthed by palaeontologists, environmentalists and other scientist-colleagues proposed a critical view of environmental management. Before going any further, it is important to understand that critical theories are theories that propose a solution to social and environmental problems. They analyse present risks and use discoveries and present epistemology to propose solutions. In a way, Diamond's article is proposing a way to approach environmental management, managing future risks by learning from lessons of Easter's Islands past, particularly discoveries that explain what happened to its peoples, how its resources were overused and how finally, the island's resources were so depleted that it could no longer support human population. He points to the work of palaeontologist David Steadman and considers the results a kind of warning to the way us humans beings are utilizing and exploiting the environment.

Steadman's team found ...

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