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Order of a Catholic Mass and RCIA

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1 Responsoroal Psalm
2 Eucharistic Prayer
3 Prayer after Communion
4 Gospel
5 Lords Prayer (our father)
6 Penitential Rite
7 Prayer of the Faithful
8 Lamb of God
9 Homily
10 Sign of Peace

In what order is the mass conducted?

2. Also on Sundays the first and second readings are usually from what part of the bible?

3. On Sundays in 2006 what year is it?
On weekday readings in 2006 what year is it?

4. Which of the gospels is read read every year during Easter time?

I have been going to religious classes to become Catholic because I am getting married. These are a few questions that have come up that I was unsure about and was to timid to ask during these meetings.

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Hi. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!

Here are the answers to the questions that you posted...

1. Using the events you have named for the order of mass;

A. Penitential Rite (the section where the Priest will usually say "Almighty God, have mercy on us, forgive us our sins, and lead us to everlasting life......Let us pray...")
B. Responsorial Psalm (This can be either sung or spoken - it takes place between the first and the second reading)
C. Gospel (a reading from Matthew, Luke, Mark, or John [New Testament])
D. Homily (Priest's reflection on the Gospel)
E. Prayer of the faithful (offered after the Creed - usually has a response for all to reply with - such as "Lord hear our prayer")
F. Eucharistic Prayer
G. Lords Prayer
H. Sign of Peace
I. Lamb of God (usually spoken or sung as communion is being prepared to be ...

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